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Be Happier at Home in Minutes

Ever heard the expression “Act your way into right thinking?” Said another way, if you want to feel better, then do better! Our homes have the ability to nourish our soul, inspire our minds and elevate our joy. More than a dwelling place our homes are representative of who we are and how we live.

By taking some easy actions we shift the energy of our homes and our experiences thus shifting the energy within ourselves. These simple tips are guaranteed to increase your feelings of happiness.

1. Make Your Bed.

Taking time to make your bed each morning is a sure fire way to start the day off right. Not only will you feel a sense of accomplishment at the start of your day but you will also have an inviting bed to retire to at night.  Consciously focus on each action of the process and you have just experienced mindfulness.

2. When in doubt, toss it out.

Toss or donate at least 5 things per week. It’s hard to do but the regular act of paring down is an excellent practice in letting go. Getting rid of things that no longer serve you, creates space for newness in your life and circulates energy (chi). Think about a body of water….as long as the water is flowing it remains beautiful, fresh and clean. But if there is no movement, then the water becomes stagnant. The same is true when we don’t circulate energy in our home.

3. Open a window.

Fresh air also circulates the energy or chi of your home while increasing the oxygen levels and eliminating airborne bacteria.

4. Connect!

Create more happiness by enhancing your connection to yourself and/or the divine. Find a quiet corner and zen out! Try the practice of the Three Fives.   Five minutes of meditation followed by five minutes of prayer followed by five minutes of journaling. After just 15 minutes you’ll feel calm, centered and connected.

5. Set the table.

Set the table and make another night of takeout more meaningful.   Empty food containers onto your favorite dishes and sit at the table to really enjoy your meal. Light a candle to elevate the mood.   Make this your mantra for everyday experiences: make the mundane more meaningful.

6. Bring in the green.

Stop by the local market and pick out a bouquet. This never fails to lift the spirit and add beauty to a room. A simple glass vase works wonderfully or place them in a favorite vessel. Consider vegetables, like artichokes, as they last longer.

7. Turn up the music.

Music creates mood. It can relax and calm or it can get your foot to tapping. Create a happy playlist on iTunes or Pandora so that it features all of your favorite tunes that make you smile.

8. Style it up!

Walk around the house and pick up the stuff that is laying around. When things are in there proper place the rooms will feel more calm and balanced. Also make the rounds to each room and give them a fluff. Fluff cushions and throw pillows, bed pillows, and refold throw blankets.

9. Tidy the medicine cabinet.

Since you start and end your day here, this is definitely a key place to keep organized and clear of clutter. Do a thorough scan and toss out expired items and products you no longer use. Fill it with healthy lotions and potions and scents that stir delight and promote better self-care.

10. Indulge in aromatherapy.

Light a scented candle or incense. Also, fill a spray bottle with drops of essential oils to cleanse the air and freshen fabrics. Lavender promotes a sense of calm while peppermint can be more invigorating. Try sandalwood to enhance meditation.

Incorporate these quick tips into your weekly routine and the happiness you have created at home will enhance every aspect of our live.

Photo credit: Getty Images