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Clear the Energy of Your Home for the New Year

Energy — both positive and negative — is all around us. Many people can even sense it. Your home, and the things in it, hold energy. That’s why your home needs regular energy clearings.  As we roll into the new year and are all a buzz with new intentions, it is important to start this new year with clear energy – for yourself and your home.

istock photo – Mona Makela

When should you do a clearing?

  • When moving into a new home
  • At the beginning or end of a relationship
  • When welcoming a new baby
  • After an illness or death
  • After an argument
  • After bringing home a vintage or antique item
  • After removing clutter
  • Anytime you want to uplift the energy of your home

Here’s a simple home clearing technique to get your started:

  1. Take a minute or two to get still and to get present.
  2. Set your intention to clear and transform the space.
  3. Hold onto the feeling of love.
  4. Choose your clearing method: You can spread the smoke of smoldering wand of dried sage (aka “smudging”) or ring a bell.
  5. Walk from room to room, being sure to reach every corner, every closet, every cabinet with the sound or the smoke.
  6. As you do this, you can also call on God, angels, guides, the Divine Mother or any other being that you connect with and ask that all negative entities and energies be taken to the light or wherever they need to go next.
  1. As you envision your space being filled with bright, white light, ask Spirit to clear and transform the entire space into pure light, love, gratitude, joy, peace and oneness. Then give thanks.
  2. To shield and protect this new energy say,  “Please place a tube of light going through this space and around this space, hold our home in this space and keep us safe.”
  3. Take a moment for a few deep breaths and then give thanks.
  4. Be sure to also cleanse yourself after this ritual, including under your feet.

You may also want to research other methods of space clearing. They’ll be featured on the Conscious Home blog, soon.

  • Verbal
  • Crystals
  • Cutting Cords
  • Shielding
  • Salt water

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  1. I like to use incense. Great article! Happy New Year and many blessings forever.

  2. I love the idea of cleansing the energy of my home after removing clutter– this never occurred to me! Thank you for these helpful steps. I’ll be firing up my sage momentarily! ❤

  3. I cannot wait to do this in our new space!