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Add More Lavender to Your Life

What’s not to love about lavender? Traditionally, the color lavender represents spiritual connectivity and the lavender plant that is native to many parts of the United States provides many healing properties. As we try to shake the winter blues and look forward to the coming of spring, use a little lavender to lighten your load and lift your spirits. We wanted to share some of our favorite ways to add more lavender to you life!

 Lavender Linen Spray:

In a small spray bottle add 6 to 8 lavender drops to distilled water to create a versatile linen spray. Spritz your cozy sheets for a calming night’s sleep or keep on hand for the powder room or any room that needs freshening up.

Lavender while Meditating:

Lavender oil promotes peace and serenity.  Rub a small amount on your temples to enhance your daily meditation or when you just need a ‘time out’. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and experience bliss.  Our favorite lavender oil is from Doterra.

Lavender Tea:

As lavender has calming effects on the mind and soul, it also can calm our nervous stomachs and help with indigestion. Prepare a cup before bedtime or after an especially stressful day to relax and ease mind and body. TIP: For the warm summer months, go for a lavender infused lemonade instead!  Our favorite tea is Harney & Sons Lavender Chamomile.

Lavender Salt:

Lavender sea salt is wonderful to add to a warm bath but have you ever thought of cooking with it? Just as the lavender scent is so appealing, the lavender flavor and aroma is divine. Use it for poultry and meat rubs or sprinkle on fresh fruit. Don’t be afraid to add other herbs to the mix as well, our favorite is rosemary lavender salt.

The Color Lavender:

Use lavender paint in a bedroom to soften the space and create a sense of serenity and relaxation. Pops of lavender have the same effect such as throw pillows or a cozy blanket. Try wearing lavender to feel the effects all day long like a soft sweater or cashmere scarf. Try Benjamin Moore 1409 Violet Dusk.

Romantic Lavender:

Lavender oil has been used for centuries to scent love letters and worn as perfume to attract the perfect mate. Instead of using the traditional dried lavender sachets in dresser drawers, try applying a couple drops of lavender oil to cotton balls and stashing them in the back of the drawers for subtle freshness.

Image above is from istockphoto Art Marie and is of Senanque Abbey with blooming lavender field in (Provence, France). It’s been on my bucket list!

Post by: Joshua Smith & Ashley Lapka


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