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Looking for an easy way to quickly de-stress your home? Get back to the basics and set the mood with some candlelight! The flicker of candle light is romantic, calming and cozy. Candles are referred to as the living lights (or the levende lys) and are thought to provide an emotional happiness to mankind.  Those who practice Hygge most likely burn multiple candles on a daily basis and in Denmark, the land of Hygge, candles are lit in classrooms and offices daily throughout the country.

We Americans cannot fathom lighting candles at our office desk or burning them in the home after a long day’s work (who has the time?!) but rest assured, you can even have candles lit while crossing off your to do list. Light a couple at the dinner table while you’re cooking and sit down, breath and enjoy them with your meal. Dim the lights and burn a few candles while you are paying bills, catching up on your Netflix, or any other activity you have planned for a more relaxing evening.

We’ve pulled together our favorite long lasting, all natural candles that not only look beautiful but smell amazing  – to lighten your mood and lift your spirits.

Kobo Candles are a great long lasting option and make beautiful gifts. They are made from domestically and sustainably grown soy beans and the scents and packaging designs are endless.  The Vetiver and Shaved Vanilla candle is heavenly.  Price: $38

Diptyque is a wonderful candle line that was started in Paris by a small group of artists. They have many unique scents to choose from and the packaging is stylish, not to mention they only use raw materials in their candles. We’re particularly drawn to the Oud, Fig Tree and Lavender Leaf.  Price: $62

The Brooklyn Candle studio has been hand pouring soy candles since 2013. There are several styles and fragrances to choose from and they have amazing gift sets available as well. The cedarwood vanilla and sweet fig scents are lovely and classic – you just can’t go wrong.  Price: $14 – $35

The Mad et Len line of candles look as beautiful as they smell. They are handmade in a small village in France using all natural ingredients (violet, eucalyptus, moss and mint just to name a few) and are poured into handmade iron vessels crafted by local artisans. These candles make a stunning gift to others or yourself. Our favorites? The Sprituelle and Figue Noir are outstanding. Price: $110

Try the budget friendly Meyers line of soy based candles with only plant-derived ingredients and essential oils. Like their cleaning products, their candles are just as earth friendly. The Lemon Verbena and Lavender are delicious. Price:  $9.99

We could not do a favorite candle list without including the candles from The Butcher’s Daughter.  Unfortunately, you cannot get them online but next time you are passing through LA or NYC go check out these to die for candles.  The Ojai scent is an all-time favorite.   The Havana scent is perfect for the holiday season that is just around the corner. Price: $50

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  1. Buying candles has been on my to-do list but the soy options are so expensive. I didn’t even know Meyers made candles – thank you for the recommendation (and introducing me to a few brands that I didn’t know existed!).

  2. love the kobo candles!!