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INTENTION – The Holistic Blueprint


Happy New Year! Can you believe we’re sitting here on January 1st of 2019?! Feels like it was just the auspicious evening when we transitioned from 1999 to 2000….here we are 20 years later.

As you may have seen or heard, I’ve got some exciting transitions going on here at Joshua Smith Inc. I have been filling my days with personal development and spiritual coaching the last few months, and it has been filling me with more gratitude and joy than words can properly express. I am also in the midst of curating powerful retreats for individuals and organizations!

After 13 years of devotion to all things spirituality, religion, philosophy, esoteric texts, retreats, and more….it is the ultimate gift to support individuals in curating their greatness into a life of joy and abundance.

While I still am taking on very select design clients, my focus is fully in the personal development world. And starting right now – you will be receiving monthly Holistic Blueprints from me – guides packed full of resources and ideas and fun things to make the month ahead intentional, fun, and rich.

This month’s theme is: Intentions.

And since we’ve been talking about how time is flying….I’d like to invite you to think for a second on how intentional have you been over the last two decades.

If you’ve found yourself in cycles and habits and patterns that have kept you feeling stuck, you’re totally not alone! I’ve got two posts for you – open then in a new tab to reference once you’re done with the Blueprint!

Taking End of Year Personal Inventory & Why it Matters click here to read

The Three-Step Annual Personal Development Planning Process – click here to read


And without further adieu….your January Holistic Blueprint…

Video of the month:

“How to Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind” with Dr. Joe Dispenza – Click here to Watch

Our favorite quote from the video:

“You can either live at the effect of a cause or you can be causing an effect!!”



Journal prompts for the month:

Grab your journal, a cup of tea, light a few candles, and reflect:

1. What are my biggest lessons of this past year?

2. Where have I grown?

3. Visioning exercise: Fast forward to 1 year from now –  the end of 2019 – describe your life: what have you created, accomplished, where have you traveled, how is your health, finances –    get very descriptive and engage all the senses AND be sure to include the emotions that you are feeling about your success!

On my bookshelf:

The Law of Divine Compensation  by Marianne Williamson

This book walks you through the metaphysical mechanics of the ebb and flow of giving and receiving. Marianne Williamson, in her powerful way, shares how to go about clearing out past anger resentments, fears, mishaps, etc, so that there is space in our psyche to welcome in the new.



If 2018 was not your year, grab this book and decide that 2019 will absolutely be!

Click here to purchase.



Things we LOVE:

Photo courtesy Soji Energy

Soji Water Bottles.

Have you seen these crystal water bottles? They are AMAZING.

Each bottle comes infused with a crystal, charged for specific properties. You can drink water that’s been charged for love, abundance, joy, ease, intuition, and more!

Click here to grab yours.





Chakra we’re tapping into:

The solar plexus: the center of personal power and commitment, our center of action and balance. It is soooooo essential that when we set intentions, we carve out time to balance our solar plexus so that we have the strength, the self esteem, the discernment, and the inspiration to carry them through!

When our Solar plexus is in balance, we feel a sense of command in our lives. We feel we are able to get through all of the projects before us with a deep sense of ease. We are able to meet any resistance with a sense of purpose. And have an overall, “I’ve friggen got this!” attitude toward life.

When our Solar plexus us out of balance, we may feel very angry, shameful, and seem to meet obstacles everywhere we look. We tend to try more to fit in, than share who we are, and get sucked into routines that suffocate rather than liberate us.

Simple ways to engage and balance your solar plexus:

  • Bergamot essential oil
  • Abdominal strengthening exercises (a great set here)
  • Wear bright colors – especially yellow


Sacred Space:

istock photo – Mona Makela

As you set new intentions and welcome in this new year, it’s super important that you clear your space of the energy of this past year so you aren’t bringing it with you as you walk along this fresh path!


Click here and get a step by step process for clearing your sacred space.



Animal Totem:

Our Animal Totem for the month of January is the Horse.

The horse is the perfect totem to work with at the start of a new year.

It brings with it an energy of new journeys – freedom and power.

Call on horse energy to bring added strength and to “jump” over any obstacles standing in between you and your goals.






Photo courtesy Energy Muse

We’re using Lumerian Quartz this month to support our intentions.

Lumerian quartz is special in the aspect that you can program it to hold the energy of whatever you desire! All you do is hold it in your hands, direct all of your focus into channeling the energy of having achieved your goals, and you’re set!

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