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17 Best Books on Meditation


Meditation – It’s a spiritual practice for most, but there is also a science to this process of learning to become the observer of your thoughts. While so many people are out there touting meditation as the best thing ever (myself included!), it can be super daunting at first.

There are all the questions….

Where do you start?
How do you get your thoughts to quiet down?
How do you sit comfortably so you’re not fidgeting around every ten seconds?
How do you avoid falling asleep?

And the list goes on! Truthfully, this practice is one that looks unique for every single person. And lucky us, there are loads of people writing and sharing about their experiences with meditation, how to make it easier, more enjoyable, and sharing incredibly accessible and easy ways to start incorporating this powerful ritual into your day.

UpJourney Recently asked me to share my three favorite books on meditation, and I was so honored to say yes!

Can you guess the top three I ended up choosing?

Click here and find out if you guessed right – and get 14 other incredible reads on meditation. 

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