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SHADOW – The Holistic Blueprint


Our theme for the month of February –

Embracing the Shadow

We’re in the heart of winter – a time when the cold winter days encourage us to stay inside, get quiet, and wander our internal landscapes. As we do – we may find things that are confronting, things that we’d rather not accept, things that we ultimately do not like about ourselves. But it’s these very things we must embrace so that we can grow and move forward.

We’ve devoted this month’s Holistic Blueprint to tools, talks, and resources that will support you in diving into your Shadow with comfort and ease – and check out this post for a full exploration of ways in which you can begin this shadow work with experts we love.


This month’s Video:

The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage with Susan David

A favorite quote from this incredible woman – 

Only dead people never get unwanted or inconvenienced by their feelings. Tough emotions are part of our contract with life.


On our bookshelf:

Owning Your Shadow: Understanding the dark side of the Psyche

One of our favorite quotes:

“Whenever you have a clash of opposites in your being and neither will give way to the other (the bush will not be consumed and the fire will not stop), you can be certain that God is present. We dislike this experience intensely and avoid it at any cost; but if we can endure it, the conflict-without-resolution is a direct experience of God. “

Click here to keep reading.



Journal Prompts for the Month:

We interviewed a few of our go-to experts on shadow – click here to read the full post – and below is a journal exercise shared by Kira Saundra – founder of the Panther Method:

1. Write down something you want or something you are working on that there is a struggle or tension. Perhaps it never quite fits, or it’s out of your reach, or there’s a block behind it. It can be an immediate goal or a lifelong objective (ex: a new job, want to have children).

2. Then, write down the worst things that could happen if you don’t get it. (ex: If I don’t get the job, I will be broke, my marriage will suffer, I will have to move, the industry doesn’t want me, I’m not qualified, I’m not good enough, etc).

3. Now dig deeper. This requires you getting raw, honest, and authentic with yourself. (The bottom Fears lead to belief systems that are subconsciously ruling your choices.)There is always a gift to not getting what you want, and it often reinforces these systems too.

4. Write down the gifts. (Example: I’m not good enough. If I’m not good enough it gives me an excuse to stay small. If I stay small then I don’t have to be vulnerable and that feels safer. Therefore, not being good enough still serves me). When we can recognize them, the dots will start to connect to other facets of our life, and give us the pathway of where we can begin our Shadow work.


Things we are LOVING:

Photo: Shupaca

Alpaca Blankets –

Mother Nature is definitely also cheerful about alpaca wool because of the many sustainable practices being used for the eco-friendly fabric production of the natural fiber. No mechanical or chemical processing is used during the crafting and construction of alpaca clothing and home goods. Unlike sheep wool that produces prickles on the skin because of its coarse fibers, alpaca wool has a much smoother shaft and does not contain lanolin. Alpaca is naturally hypo-allergenic.

Click here to grab one of these cozy miracles.


Photo: Le Labo


Looking for an easy way to quickly de-stress your home? Get back to the basics and set the mood with some candlelight! The flicker of candle light is romantic, calming and cozy. Candles are referred to as the living lights (or the levende lys) and are thought to provide an emotional happiness to mankind.  Those who practice Hygge most likely burn multiple candles on a daily basis and in Denmark, the land of Hygge, candles are lit in classrooms and offices daily throughout the country….to read more on why candles should definitely be in your daily routine, click here!

And click here for our favorite candle right now.


Animal Totem:

Photo: Pinterest

The Black Panther

From Ted Andrews on the metaphysical messages of the Black Panther:

“It is in the hours of darkness that panther’s find it’s greatest element of power….The season in which the power is the greatest is the winter….It is often a symbol of darkness, death and rebirth from out of it. There still exists in humanity a primitive fear of the dark and of death. The black panther helps us to understand the dark and death and the inherent powers of them; and thus by acknowledging them, eliminate our fears and learn to use the powers.

The keynote of the black panther is reclaiming one’s true power.

The panther often signals rebirth after a period of suffering and death on some level. This implies that an old issue may finally begin to be resolved, or even that old longstanding wounds will finally begin to heal, and with the healing will come a reclaiming of power that was los at the time of wounding.

It is a symbol of power reclaimed from whatever darkness in our lives had hidden it” 

To learn more about the Black Panther, and animal totems in general, click here.


Crystal of the Month:

Photo: Energy Muse

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a staple for anyone who considers themselves to be an empath, and for anyone going through a time of change, a time of difficulty, or finding themselves in urban, energy saturated environments like cities, big offices, etc.

It grounds, clears, and protects you. You can find it in most crystal stores & metaphysical shops.


Chakra to Work With:

The Heart Chakra

The heart Chakra is the meeting point of heaven and earth. It is the bridge between the lower chakra energies that keep us grounded, that deal with the logistics of life, and the higher chakras that connect us to inspiration, possibility, and the magic of life. Working to have an open heart chakra in the process of Shadow work allows us to accept, embrace, and learn with much more ease, depth, and safety.

To work with, and open, the heart chakra:

+ Eat dark leafy greens & other naturally green foods
+ Stretch the shoulders and chest area daily
+ Lightly tap on the sternum with fingers
+ Clap! This stimulates the heart


Our February Moon Forecast:

February 4th – New Moon in Aquarius

Get ready to set intentions around being more vocal about the things that matter – and welcome in opportunities that may be completely out of left field!

February 19th – Full Moon in Virgo

Get ready to release any clutter, distraction, and chaos that’s not serving your most efficient, expansive life.


We’d love to hear from you in the comments below – what is your favorite way to embrace your shadow?

Blue Skies,