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SOUL CLEANING – The Holistic Blueprint


Here we are – blooming our way into Spring! As we unthaw a bit, and watch the flowers bloom on every street corner, the urge to get organized may arise. The urge to clean up the house, purge any old papers, and tidy up so that when the sun shines in the windows – everything SPARKLES with that glow of sweet intention and care.

This month’s theme: Spring Cleaning for your Soul!

As we clean our physical worlds – it is incredibly important that we also take the time and space to do some Spring cleaning for the Soul! We just went deep into our shadows, and as we emerge with all of the teachings they offered us – we don’t want to carry any cobwebs forward, we want to dust off our minds and hearts so they are ready to sprout all ideas that have been stirring along with the rest of nature.

This month we’ve gathered together all of our favorite resources to support you in making your Spring Cleaning for the Soul process uplifting, fun, and potent.

So, without further adieu – The Holistic Blueprint for March!


Video to watch:

Put this on as you do your Spring Soul Cleaning – put it on as you do your spring house cleaning, put it on all the time, all day long, and I swear magic will happen.


On Our Bookshelf:

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

“Every human is an artist. The dream of your life is to make beautiful art.” 

1. Be impeccable with your word

2. Don’t take anything personally

3. Don’t make assumptions

4. Always do your best

If you’ve never read this power packed book, or just need a refresher (we should all read this book at least once a quarter!) it’s time to dive back in!! Click here to grab your copy.



Product We’re Loving:

Photo Via www.hauswitchstore.com

Cleaning your mind is the foundation – but we have to be real: you can’t clean your mind and leave your house dirty! Why not combine the two?! We are absolutely obsessed with this incredible line of all natural cleaning products made with essential oils that clean both your house and your body at the same time!!! No more letting your spring cleaning give you that nasty chemical headache.

And your house will never have smelled soooooo good! Our fave? The ABRACADABRA All Purpose cleaner made with Frankincense and Citrus – just YES.

Click here to stock up on your witchy cleaning supplies for spring!


Journal Prompt of the Month:

What past habits and patterns am I still holding onto in my:

+ Relationships (family, friends, partners)
+ Career
+ Health
+ Home

What one, simple step can I take this month to move past the stagnant and allow something new to bloom?


Crystal of the month:

Image via Sage Goddess

Clear quartz is amazing for just about everything. BUT! We’ve chosen it for this particular cycle because it’s a great crystal for clearing and holding space for your intentions. Alongside your black tourmaline from Feb and your lumerian quartz from January – crystal clear quartz amplifies. As you clean, it holds your intentions clear and free of any dirt or grime you’ve got.

It’s like a safe vault for your inspiration.






Animal Totem:

The flamingo! It’s interesting, I’ve never paid much mind to the Flamingo. I love them and think they’re beautiful – but it was only over the last couple of weeks that they started popping up, so I took some initiative to look up what they might be acting as a pillar of (something I encourage you to start doing in your own life! Look up the things you’re seeing over and over).

Turns our, Flamingos are our Soul cleaning guides! Their energy and presence can guide us on how to filter out and discard that which isn’t working, and discern with care the things that are present to help our hearts. They are a signal of cleansing to get to the baseline of joy living beneath everything. They can show us how to find heart and healing in all our endeavors.

They are also very social animals and good reminder that after a winter of going within – the it’s time to reengage and incorporate more social outings and have some fun. Flamingos are also infamously known for their flirtatious energy – so spring into action with some fun and flirty energy this month!



Chakra to focus on:

As you bloom and follow your heart this spring, it’s important that it has the base of support it needs to feel safe to follow all of the inspired notions it receives in the cleaning and clearing process that leaves us so open!

This month, you’re invited to really nurture your lower three chakras – the root, the sacral, and the solar plexus! Think about it – if the ground isn’t present for roots to dig into – the flower can’t bloom. Having a balanced lower triangle will eliminate scatter brain, it will inspire action behind ideas, and give you the foundation needed for true growth to take place.

So! Here’s some practices to use daily to really open up and balance your lower triangle:

+ Walk barefoot at least once a day on grass or somewhere outside
+ Move your body more than you might have done in the past! This includes things like dancing, hiking, more vinyasa based yoga practices, kickboxing, whatever really gets you present and feeling alive in your physical body!
+ Take time to make your home space feel extra home-y.


Moon Schedule:

March 6th – New Moon in Pisces

March 20th – Full Moon in Libra


Time to shed the heavy skins of winter, so you can let this Spring usher in a vibrant energy of growth and abundance!

Cheers to your blue skies,