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5 MUSTS to welcome in Spring!


Spring – she’s here! The sun isn’t setting at 4 pm anymore, we’re looking less and less like puffy marshmallows walking down the street, the cherry blossoms are raining all over us, and fresh flowers are making their way into every street corner.

Just like the Earth transitions, so do you! And before things pick up speed, here are a few simple things I’d like you to do to keep this Spring feeling fresh, clear, and uplifting.

Start to engage in the processes below to open up more space in your life for ease, for flow, for inspiration, and for vitality.


Lighten your home – 

The Earth washes away the dirt and the heaviness of winter with her Showers – take note, and wash your living space! Declutter – toss old papers/bills. Clean out closets. Do a deep clean and get all dust and dirt off the windows, out from under the couches. Donate clothes that aren’t you anymore.

She also blooms to fill that space that has been washed with lightness and beauty – follow her lead! Once you’re done cleaning:

+ Add lighter colored blankets & throw pillows to your beds and sitting areas

+ Buy fresh flowers to put around the house

+ Diffuse lighter essential oils, citrus is a great option. Click here to browse our favorites


Lighten your mind –

In order for new ideas, relationships, careers, and really anything, to fully bloom, we have to break through the old and stale mental grounds of resentment, anger, jealousy, stress, anxiety, fear and so on and so forth. 

This Spring, start (or deepen) your daily journaling practice. Set the intention to get a bit more reflective than normal. Watch yourself, your habits and your patterns more. Look at them from a compassionate lens – what might you be doing to yourself to take away from your own joy and peace? How might you be judging, holding grudges, or boxing people into certain perceptions, and how might that be affecting the flow of your relationships?

This is also a great time to start a new meditation practice, and we’ve shared one our favorites to clean the mind of stale perceptions in this video below. It can take as little as 3 minutes a day, and you’ll feel as fresh as a daisy afterward!

Sarah Miller//Siri Akasha is a Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher based in Los Angeles. You can find out more about her classes & retreat offerings at siriakasha.com!

Lighten your Body –

Start to bring more movement into your life! Running, dancing, walks in nature, hikes in your favorite mountains, swimming in your favorite lakes and oceans (maybe more of a summer thing….but hey, planting the seed!). Check out Groupon and see what offers they have in your area for movement and yoga studios, and try something new!

This is also a very important time to start nourishing your body with lighter foods. Adding more fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and liquids. This will support your body’s natural desire to shed during the spring.


Lighten your Soul –

Plant seeds of joy with more moments of PLAY. The sun is out, go have fun! Let yourself shake off the winter – shake off stress. Go and spend a bit more time doing things that make you feel light, that make you feel alive. They don’t have to be huge, they can be as simple as dancing to your favorite song or going for a walk in the park. But add more things to your day that make you smile from ear to ear.Also, keep your commitments! A very simple way to get rid of a feeling of heaviness is to honor every word you utter – which means you won’t make any commitments you don’t intend to keep. Even the ones with just you and yourself.


And if you’re looking for something special to do ON the Spring Equinox itself, here’s a ritual I swear you’ll want to do every year:

  1. Grab a candle. Hold it in your hands at your heart, and infuse it with an intention for this next season of your life. Then light it.
  2. Grab your journal and a pen.
  3. Leave them in front of you, and go through the meditation linked above.
  4. After you finish the meditation, free write on that intention, on what dreams and visions you’d like to plant in the fertile soil to be watered and brought to life, and anything else that comes up.
  5. Then, in the next day or so, go and pick out some plant seeds to nestle in your garden, or bring a new plant into your home. As you water and care for it over this next season, hold it as a symbol of the dream you’re growing, and be mindful to watch how it grows with your dream.
  6. And continue to do the meditation for 40-days, lighting the candle during each session, allowing the flames of inspiration to carry you through to victory!


For more resources on blooming your way into Spring – click here and check out the March Holistic Blueprint.

Blue skies,


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