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5 Positive Changes You Can Make TODAY


Spring is the BEST time to make positive changes in our lives. To seed the garden of JOY that we’re always craving….but never actually planting with our thoughts, and small day to day actions.

Since we’re focusing on EMERGENCE this month (more on that here), it’s important that right alongside our beloved peonies and butterflies, we take a hold of this opportunity to show up in the world in a fresh, new way!

Sit for a bit and ask yourself: 

What new space have I emerged into? In my job, relationship, home, health, etc.?

How do I show up differently now that I’ve emerged into this new space, job, etc?

How am I embodying the new ways I show up in my actions?

And after you’ve reflected on that…


Here are 5 simple positive changes you can make right now –


  1. Make your bed every morning – sets the whole tone of the today, and already sets you up with your first win of the day. A simple change you can make in your home. 
  2. Take a 10 minute mindful walk outside, at least once a week, with no phone, no distractions, just pure presence. A simple change you can make for your body. 
  3. For just for 1-minute a day, consciously breathe long and deep. Put an alarm on your phone to remind you sometime in the afternoon to drop everything, and just breathe for a minute. A simple change you can make for your mind. 
  4. Send 3 love and light messages to 3 people in your life – a text or a call along the lines of, “just wanted you to know I love you and am sending you love & light!” A simple change you can make for your soul. 
  5. PUT YOUR SELF LOVE IN ACTION – Treat yourself to some flowers – the best pick me up of all time – and then share with us on social media using #anotherpeonypost 😉



And as we all know, this is a nice thing to read and think about, but it does nothing if you don’t take ACTION on it. So get your calendar if you have to, and schedule these things in. Make yourself a little note that tucks in the corner of your bathroom mirror, or goes on your nightstand.

And commit to just ONE thing that you’ll do in the next 30-days to make a positive change.

This is the time you EMERGE into the happiest YOU by adding more little moments of pure JOY into your life.

Blue skies,