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4 ways to cultivate more self love & confidence


Resistance can take many forms (more on that here) – but one of the sneakiest is the ways that it keeps us immobile in the face of tending to the needs of our JOY.

It makes all sorts of excuses why we don’t have time for the tea with a dear friend, why the walk out in nature just can’t happen today, and why the lifestyle change that we know will make a world of difference in our day to day just isn’t feasible right now.

And perhaps sometimes those things are valid – BUT – let’s be honest, most of the time they’re not. They are just the mind resisting stepping into the next best version of you. And that’s what self love is really all about – providing the space for you to do what you need to do to show up in the world as the best version of YOU that you can be.

One of the most overlooked uses of self love is its most practical one! To take care of ourselves in such a way that we feel ready to step into that next level of confidence, that next level of creativity, that next level of excellence, and that next level of connection in our relationships and in our work. Self love is one of the most incredible tools we have to show up every day as an even better version of who we have the capacity to be.

So, here is your invitation to do just that! Below you’ll find 5 ideas to get you started – pick ONE that resonates, and start doing it. And then build on that foundation, slowly but surely.


For the Spirit – 

Take your intentions and turn them into affirmations that you put EVERYWHERE and say all day every day for 21 days.

For example – the intention to have more energy every day turns into the affirmation, “I move my body freely and with joy each day and feel so alive doing so!”

And during those 21-days of sharing that affirmation with yourself, you then move your body more! You get up and dance, you walk where you would normally train or drive, you take yoga classes with friends, etc.

For the Mind –

Set SMART goals to lead you at least one step closer to feeling fulfilled in one area of your wheel of life (click here for more on that!). What’s a SMART GOAL? 

Specific – I want to update my resume
Measurable – I want to update my resume this week
Attainable – It’s totally feasible for me to update my resume this week
Realistic – Yes, I can carve out the time I need
Time-framed – I will block 10-2 out on my calendar Saturday morning so that it will be finished by Saturday

For the Body –

MOVE. Period. Just MOVE more. Obviously in ways that feel really, really good.

Go to the yoga class that you’ve been wanting to check out. Grab a friend and commit to taking a fun fitness class together at a studio or a gym nearby. Take yourself on longer walks with the dog, or just around the neighborhood.

Maybe even go for an adventure somewhere new and hike! But add more movement into your life, and there’s no way you won’t feel a deeper sense of love for your body and your life.


For the Home –

One of my favorite notions to work with in coaching sessions is to make our Mondays more meaningful. To add an element into our Monday that makes it feel unique.

It doesn’t need to be grandiose – but small things like if you order takeout, you don’t eat out of the box, you put it on a plate. If you take a bath, you add some salts and oils and light a candle and play some soft music.

Every time you’re in your home, you have the opportunity to turn something that is ordinary into an experience of love. Meaning – everyday, do one small thing to make something ordinary, special.


True self love allows the time and space for the mundane, the ordinary, to become a joy filled container for you deepest senses of fulfillment and meaning.


Is there another way that you love to put your self love into action? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Blue skies,


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