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Beauty is healing – here’s why.


Beauty is healing.
Beauty softens us.
Beauty brings us back to an inner space of receptivity.

Beauty is an essence. It’s an essence of sacredness. An essence of devotion. An essence of timelessness. More on how we define beauty right here.

Beauty has a way of transporting us out of the lackluster caves of our mind and into the illuminated oceans of possibility because beauty stems from that intangible essence of LIGHT that dwells in every cell of who we are. True beauty, healing beauty, comes when we drop the walls of protection keeping that light trapped inside.

And THAT is why beauty is healing. Because it asks us to get vulnerable and live in the purest space of who we are, free from the stories of pain and drama.

Imagine if you committed to living within a beautiful mind every single day. If that beautiful mind, free from the clutter and ugliness that the stories we adopt can create, was more important than the clothes, the cars, the jobs, the goals, etc. The pain, the stress, the anger, the resentment….might they all dissolve?

Seems beauty is actually quite practical.

Here’s 3 ways to allow the healing of beauty to blanket your life today:



Take some time to just sit and tune into the world around you. Listen deeply. Look closely. Feel fully. No music. No phone chatting. No book. No notebook. Nothing other than you, your senses, and the surroundings of where you are at.



Take a good, long look in the mirror. Go from your feet up to the top of your head, saying I love you to every last part of you.



Write a letter to your current self from your future self who’s dwelling in that space of complete freedom from all pain, worry, self doubt, self criticism, etc. Don’t think too much about it, just let that soft, pure essence of that version of you come through the pen.



What’s that ONE thing you’ve been wanting to do to your home to create more coziness and warmth, to foster a more restorative and calming environment? Go do it.


And I’d love to heart from you – in what ways have you experienced the healing nature of beauty in your life? Leave us a comment below!

Blue skies,