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FUN – The Holistic Blueprint


How much fun are you having in your life right now? Any??

Fun is always the first thing that we seem to be wholly and completely willing to cut out of our lives. It’s always the first thing most of us are willing to sacrifice in favor of pushing through to some end goal where, then! Ah yes, then we’ll have fun. 

Interesting, isn’t it? Since fun is the end goal, perhaps it’s time we bring fun along for the journey, instead of just waiting. And for practical reason – fun is energizing. It inspires us. It cleanses us. It lifts us up into that space of playful inspiration. And that’s the place where things get magical. Easy. And you guessed it: FUN.

Below you’ll find our list of resources and invitations to create a month of FUN. Enjoy!


On our Bookshelf

Remember all of the books you used to sit and laugh and have fun through when you were a kid? On our bookshelf we’ve got “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”

Personal development books are great….but there’s a special kind of healing and inspiration that comes from your favorite children’s book.

Find a copy of your favorite one and give it a read one night this week!

To grab a copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar – click here.


Journal Prompts

What did you used to LOVE doing as a kid?

What FUN things that you love to do have you stopped doing? Why have you stopped doing them?

Reflect on these prompts in your journal and explore how you might begin to bring both answers back into your life.


Video we love


If you haven’t watched this video yet – stop everything you’re doing for the next 5 minutes, and watch this right now. Promise, you will thank us!


In our Sacred Space

Mug from World Market – click image to buy!

Bring FUN into the little everyday things you do! Grab a fun mug to drink your morning coffee or tea out of. Get a fun piece of art for your desk that makes you giggle.

Inserting little moments of joy and whimsy into your daily routine shakes out the boring habit of routine and plugs you back into what matters most – how much you’re enjoying each moment you’re in!






Animal Totem

Our beloved CROSBY finally makes his official animal totem debut! This guy reminds us of just how much fun really matters on a daily basis.

When you can’t seem to get out of your negative thought patterns, when you feel stuck and overwhelmed by life, call on the energy of Crosby running through open fields, excited by every little bird, flower, and bee.

No matter what’s been going on in his day, he is fully present for the JOY of full engaging and exploring the world around him.

Crosby is here to remind you: even a patch of grass can be the funnest place on earth – it’s all in your decision.



Photo via Energy Muse

Let’s be real – all crystals are fun. Just find one you like and enjoy each other’s company!

But Amethyst can be a great one to call on if you’re struggling to find that space of ease and enjoyment in your life.

It is a natural anxiety reliever, and brings a nice calm to the nervous system so that option of having a bit of fun is actually presented to us!

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