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How to take a JOY Inventory – and why you need to ASAP


When was the last time you scheduled laughter into your calendar?

You think I’m joking…but I’m not. Aside from the health benefits of joy – decreased stress hormones in the body, the release of endorphins, powerful abdominal workout, release of all of the muscles in the body (hello, cheapest massage ever!), boosted immune system, and a protected heart (laughter increases the blood flow through the body), laughter is spiritual medicine that lifts us back into a space of inspiration.

Laughter lifts us back into the resting space of joy that lives beneath all stress. Yes, you read that right, JOY is beneath all the muck we pile on top of it. And the more we tap back into our joy, the less defeated, depleted, and burnt out we become.

Everyone these days is so hyper focused on finding the best way to sustain elevated levels of productivity and innovation. But it’s all so mind driven that it’s not really working. It’ll work for a month, and then you wonder what the hell you’re doing.

Why? It’s void of authentic joy. Joy is the MOST productive use of your time. I know, a bold statement. But here’s why I’m confident in making it: You’re on this crazy journey you’re on so you can have moments of joy at the end, correct? What if – and maybe you’ll call me crazy here, but hang with me – what if you started to let the journey become full of joy instead of waiting for the destination?

Might you get to the destination a little quicker and easier?

Answer is yes, definitely.

So here’s what you’re going to do right now – not tomorrow, not next week, not when you’ve got time – you’re going to do this RIGHT NOW. For your physical health, your mental health, and your overall sense of satisfaction with life:


+ Make a list of all the things that bring you joy.

+ What are the things you LOVE to do?

+ What are the things that make you laugh until you cry, and lift your spirit instantly?

+ What did you used to do as a kid that you would love to start doing again?


Once you’ve spent at least 10-minutes writing this list, grab you calendar, pick 1 or two things, and start scheduling them throughout your week.

Don’t make it overwhelming. But just sprinkle little moments of joy for yourself all over the place. 


Your joy is practical. It’s necessary. And it’s ready for you!

Cheers to your joy filled blue skies!


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