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Sacred Living – The Holistic Blueprint


What does it mean to live a sacred life? Does it mean having prayer flags in every room of your home, burning incense all day, making offerings to different Gods while constantly in prayer and relinquishing modern life?

It could. But external choices actually have nothing to do with sacred.

Sacred living is an inner space; it’s a commitment to seeing the love the light and the beauty in everything and everyone.

The Western culture of, “do, achieve, and push push push,” is one of the only places in the world where the word sacred is seldom, if ever, used or heard in daily life. Think about it, when was the last time you had a chat with a co-worker about sacredness? And as a whole, we seem to be the most stressed, worried, and depressed people on the planet. Food for thought.

The resources and ideas below are some of our favorites for pressing pause, connecting back in with yourself, and finding that inner oasis of truth where life becomes sacred again. Enjoy!


On the Bookshelf

Mary Magdalene Revealed – Megan Watterson

Ready to remember just how sacred you are? Just how special this life is? What it means to be faced with adversity, and be so rooted in what you know in your heart to be true that it doesn’t shake you, even a bit?

Then this is the book for you. A favorite passage of ours:

“Even if it only comes and goes. Even if you hide it from others. Especially if you hide it from yourself. Even if it scares you. Especially if it scares you.

Even if you wonder some days if it was ever real. Even if you think deep down that it’s someone else’s. Even if you think its beauty has nothing to do with you.

Even if you haven’t seen it in so long it feels lost to you. Especially if it feels lost to you. Even if it’s buried so deep you have to mine past the hardest parts of you.

Even if it’s only your secret. Especially if it’s only your secret. Even if it’s just a grain of sand. A mustard seed.

I want you to know that your love is enough.”

Click here to grab a copy & dive in.

Fair warning – you may suddenly feel a need to clear your schedule this weekend once you open it up and start reading.


Journal Prompt


Set aside time after you’re through this blog post and free write with the following prompts as your guide:

What do I find sacred?
What does sacred mean to me?
Where is there already sacredness in my life?


For Your Sacred Space

Photo Courtesy Stephen D Evans Design

You may have noticed by now that we love ourselves a crystal. Nature knows how to do beauty right!

But what we love more than a crystal is intentional pieces in our homes. A home where each and every item brings with it a meaning, a thought, an energy of support and creation to add to the equation. Everything down to the knobs on our drawers and the coasters for your tea.

We love Stephen D Edwards’ work creating sacred home finishings using crystals – click here to see more of his work & grab some for yourself!

Things We LOVE

Again – sacred space is an inner one. This month, call a friend – ON THE PHONE – no texting or messaging apps – and have a conversation on the concept of sacredness. See what emerges, and where it leads you, you may just be surprised!

A few questions to get you started:

    • What does sacred mean to you? 
    • What do you find sacred?
    • Conversation fosters connection – and connection is what sacredness is all about – connecting to the self, to the place, to the divine – the connection is always there, but its your awareness of the connection that creates this sacred moment

You’ve got 4 weeks – make it happen!


The Oak Tree – not an animal, we know, but #growth

Oak trees grow slow, and live long. They are said to be a sort of cosmic storehouse of wisdom, and if you’ve ever sat underneath an oak tree, I’m sure you know that to be true. Your entire nervous system settles and suddenly you can see and think clearly again after a few minutes. There is science to support that – but today’s topic is their sacredness, so let’s focus on that.

Oak trees are a living symbol of  Life. They represent all that is honorable, stable, wise, and noble. They imbue a sense of serene regality into wherever they are, commanding our attention back to what matters most: beauty. Light. Life.

Take time this month to find an oak tree, if possible, or any tree, and sit underneath of it. Breathe long and deep. Let yourself pause. And see what happens.


All crystals are sacred. All crystals invite a reverence for the love, the light and the beauty of life. So, your sacred living invitation with crystals this month is to go to your local crystal shop (if possible! If not, www.energymuse.com is a great place to browse), stand in front of the crystals, and see which one catches your eye and your heart.

A ritual you can do:

Close your eyes.
Take a deep breath.
Ask – which crystal do I need this month?
Open your eyes and whichever one pops out at you first, or you feel pulled toward, that’s the one!

Don’t think about it, just feel into it. And whichever one it is, take it home, and play with it! Let yourself be guided. And just have fun with adding more sacred trinkets into your day to day reality.


Your inner world is where the foundation of sacred living starts. Take time at least once a week this month to simply sit and scan your inner world. Scan through your body from the top of your head down to the tips of your toes. Notice any areas where it feels like there is a block in the flow of energy.

Note that in a little notebook, and keep track on any common themes.

Then notice, as you go about your day, how that blocked energy either frees itself or gets tighter, and take note of the circumstances affecting it. This is the first step in learning to regulate and open your own chakras so you can interface with each moment from a place of presence and sacredness.

Cheers to your month of sacred living!

And I know we gave you a lot of your own uncovering this month, so!

If you have any questions, want more information for deeper study, or are confused about any of these things, please email us at josh [at] joshuasmithinc [dot] com! We foster community here at Joshua Smith Inc. and will always get back to you with everything our heart has to offer.

Blue skies,


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