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Harmony – The Holistic Blueprint


We’ve been talking a lot about relationships here at Joshua Smith Inc over the last couple of weeks, and something that kept popping up was this idea of what it means to be in “right relationship.” A nice concept, but when you try and break it down, what does that even mean?

As we explored, we started to see a common thread weaving itself through all of our conversations – harmony. Harmony with what’s around us, harmony with what’s within us, and harmony with what’s behind us.

To live in harmony, one is automatically in right relationship, because right relationship is defined by a feeling of harmony. Meaning when we want to talk about relationships and why they’re not working as well as we’d like, first, we need to step outside the situation and talk about harmony how we are actively cultivating harmony.

When you consider music, and the beautiful harmonies present there, you see that things don’t have to be the same to compliment one another. They simply need to be able to adjust their tones to be complimentary to what’s going on around them. The same is true for relationships.

My relationship with my Self compliments my relationship to those around me compliments my relationship to the Divine. Imagine listening to a song where each note of the chord was played separately, it’d be annoying! And not as rich to listen to. It’d sound like someone plunking away on the piano.

Only when all of the parts are in harmony with one another simultaneously does the music we soooo enjoy listening to come forth. So, we’ve put together a blueprint of our favorite resources for coming back into harmony with Love in each moment. Enjoy!


On the Bookshelf:

A Course in Miracles

The infamous blue book that so many people have sitting on their bookshelf but have never opened! A Course in Miracles is a re-training of the mind. It teaches you step by step how to unlearn the voice of fear so that you can listen to the voice of Love.

It’s incredibly powerful, dense, and life-changing. There are loads of study groups both in person and online that you can join to help you study the course, however, no one else is needed. It is meant to be a study between you and you.

Click here to grab your copy




Video of the month:

Think we aren’t affected by one another? Think again! Press play on this video and watch how 32 metronomes are started in different directions, and in under 4 minutes, sync all together to go in the same direction.

What momentum are you putting out in the world? How can you use the momentum of love to create a similar effect in your world around you? Harmony can develop for any cause, let’s develop it for love!


Journal Prompts:

Think about an area of your life where you feel like something is missing, where something feels off, where you feel challenged, like another person just isn’t getting it….

What are YOU giving to the situation?
Is it what you want to be receiving?
If not, how can you adjust yourself to give what you’d like to be receiving?

As Azita Nahai says – if you feel like there’s something missing, it’s probably you.


Sacred Space:

Photo courtesy BloomScape

A walk in nature always makes things better, doesn’t it? You just come back and your whole body feels revitalized, calm, collected, and clear. In an effort to create a harmonious home (more on that in the next post for this month, stay tuned!) start bringing nature to you!

We LOVE Bloomscape for how easy they make getting more plants in your home!

Click here to check them out and order a new friend today!


Animal Totem:

The Dolphin

One day when I was a kid, we were out on my uncle’s boat, and looked down to find out dolphins swimming all around us. As we did before the internet, we  just put on our lifejackets and jumped in to swim with them. It was MAGICAL.

The dolphin totem is one of playfulness, of connecting back in with the breath, with the creative liquid of life, our waters, of taking a break to come back into the harmony and joy of life.

Dolphins remind us of the importance of patience and rhythm, of listening deeply, and of using all aspects of our voices to communicate.



Image courtesy crystalhealingforwomen.com

Selenite – also known as liquid light – is an incredible crystal most recognized for its cleansing capacities. Selenite is so important when talk about harmony because it is able to pull away all of the debris, all of the stories, all of the fears, worries, anxieties, and energy that isn’t ours, so we can hear clearly the voice of our own inner self. This enables us to relate to the person before us with compassion and understanding, and thus remain in deep connection with the Divine, as we are rooted in love.

Go the store and get yourself some selenite ASAP if you don’t have some already, and simply lie down, place it on an area of your body that feels tense, close your eyes, and breath long and deep for 7 minutes.

You’ll feel amazing after, promise.



The crown chakra, sitting at the crown of the head, is our source of connection to deeper meaning and understanding. It’s the place where we are able to step outside of our own personal preferences and agendas and start to slip into a deeper meaning, awareness, and oneness.

When we’ve found ourselves in a situation that feels impossible, one of the things we can do is tap into our crown, and zoom out a bit. Here’s a quick practice you can do:

Close your eyes. Center in on your breath. And begin watching yourself breathe. Then begin zooming out a little more, watching the room around you, with you sitting there breathing. And then begin to observe whatever situation it is, yourself included, from a zoomed out lens.

After a few minutes, come back, open your eyes, and immediately begin free writing.


Cheers to your life of harmony!

Blue skies,