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Surrender – The Holistic Blueprint

  What if you were to let go of the idea of controlling outcomes? What if you were to let go of the need to decide how things will unfold? What if you simply took the steps that feel inspired,…
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3 Steps to a Harmonious Home

Ever heard the expression “Act your way into right thinking?” Said another way, if you want to think a certain way, first take the action that sort of thinking would come from! Our homes have the ability to nourish our…
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Harmony – The Holistic Blueprint

  We’ve been talking a lot about relationships here at Joshua Smith Inc over the last couple of weeks, and something that kept popping up was this idea of what it means to be in “right relationship.” A nice concept,…
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Debunking Rituals

What comes to mind when you hear the word “ritual?” Don’t feel bad if it’s not sacred goodness…the word can be incredibly loaded for many. For me, having grown up in a Christian church, the word ritual was for other…
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