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A new way to do 2020 trends

  Authenticity is the most magnetic force in the Universe. When you’re authentic to who you are at your core, to the you that lives beneath all of the roles you play in society, when you swim in the ocean…
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Learning to Lean into the Shadow

  We’re in the depths of winter. February is a month when we have Valentine’s day, a little moment to bring light in the heavier months that beckon us to spend much more time indoors, out of the cold (well,…
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17 Best Books on Meditation

  Meditation – It’s a spiritual practice for most, but there is also a science to this process of learning to become the observer of your thoughts. While so many people are out there touting meditation as the best thing…
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INTENTION – The Holistic Blueprint

  Happy New Year! Can you believe we’re sitting here on January 1st of 2019?! Feels like it was just the auspicious evening when we transitioned from 1999 to 2000….here we are 20 years later. As you may have seen…
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Taking End of the Year Personal Inventory & Why it Matters

  Feeling the excitement and possibility as to what may lie ahead in the coming year? Heart buzzing with exciting resolutions and intentions? And are they swirling about all your conversations with friends, loved ones, co-workers and your therapist/coach?  Of course…
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Creating a Meditation Space At Home

Having a designated space for spiritual practice, whether it be yoga or meditation, creates an atmosphere that allows your spiritual life to thrive. It encourages your practice and establishes consistency, which is the key to strengthening your muscle of awareness….
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