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Consciously Curated

for Individuals & Organizations
For Individuals:

In-Person & Online Workshops

I offer a variety of one-on-one coaching experiences and online group workshops for individuals. Topics include Spiritual Fitness, Creating Sacred Space at Home, Spiritual Reboot, Enhancing Connection to the Divine and Guided Meditation Sessions.

Country Retreats

You’re invited to escape to the quiet beauty of the Litchfield Hills in Western Connecticut to join a small gathering of 4 to 5 people for a nourishing experience of body, mind and soul. You can relax and enjoy the beauty and comfort of a charming farmhouse on 13 acres surrounded by 100 acres of protected land. The property offers private hiking trails, a swimming pool, yoga, guided meditation, healthy meals, a gym and an oversized screen porch with a stone fireplace. Our retreats explore themes such as Designing Your Life, Spiritual Reboot and Enhancing Connection to the Divine.

The Elevate Experience

Elevate is a personal and spiritual development group created to uplift, empower and inspire the LGBTQ community to lead extraordinary lives. This live event in New York City includes an inspirational talk, guided meditation and group discussion. You’ll get inspiration and motivation to live your best life and connect with other like minded souls.

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For Organizations:

A Holistic Approach to
Organizational Development

Today, as the lines between what’s personal and professional are more blurred than ever, employees are looking for company culture that’s about more than just getting work done.

Recent research conducted by Gallup shows that employees who are happier and more balanced bring their BEST selves to work – contributing to more positive engagement and a feel-good culture that leads back to increased productivity and profits.

My curated development experiences teach team members new skills, in a fun way, that help them in work and in life. Simultaneously, these collaborative experiences strengthen company culture and bonds within teams and throughout an organization.

I would be honored to take your team or organization on a journey to energize your employees and elevate your internal culture. I offer a range of program options to suit your size and scope, from private coaching to two-hour workshops, and one-day offsite meetings to multi-day retreats.

It Works

We begin with Assessment and Engagement sessions, when team members provide insight into potential areas of focus, including satisfaction and happiness, decision-making, leadership, communication quality, company culture, and desired trainings.

Based on those insights, we set desired outcomes and define clear objectives. I then create a custom program of interactive modules to achieve those outcomes, which may include meditation, mindfulness activities, stress management and communication strategies, and team-building exercises.