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A Sacred Space:

Reflects who you are and the way you live
Enhances your connection with your higher self
We don't just see a beautiful interior; we experience it.

As an interior designer, I was privileged to create beautiful spaces for clients across the country. While I now take on only select design projects, I still have a strong passion for helping people create conscious homes and joyful, sacred spaces.

My first career was connecting people with the right home. Over time, it evolved into designing homes for them. And now, I get to help people design their best life!

We all spend so much time focused on our bodies, minds and souls, that we sometimes overlook what part our environment plays in all of that. In this overstimulating world, we’re bombarded with noise – our own and the cacophony around us. We need a place to get still, to get quiet, to go within. It’s how we can restore, recharge and refuel so we can bring our best selves and our biggest love out into the world.

There’s a deep link between your spirit and the spaces where you dwell. Think about it: Is your home supporting who you are, or is it a source of stress? A sacred space – a sacred home – reflects who you are and the way you live. It offers a retreat from the noise around you. And it can help you connect to your higher self, your loved ones and the Divine.

Whether simple or luxe, eclectic or tailored, your home can be your sanctuary. What matters most is that it aligns with your character and with the life you seek.

As I’ve seen with my past clients, and for myself in my own home, the daily experience of a sacred space is profound and cumulative over time. Each day, when you walk in your door, you’ll be swept away with a feeling of love and connection. You’ll smile and be filled with joy. You’ll feel relaxed, safe and comfortable. And you’ll be inspired.

More than just shelter, your sacred space will be an extension of you and a reflection of who and what you love. When your home is a source of joy, connection, restoration and inspiration, you will see those things expand into the rest of your life as well.

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