Spiritual Reboot

FREE 4-session LIVE mini course

March 30th through April 20th

Spring Cleaning for the Body, Mind, Spirit and Home

Are you feeling wobbly?

Un-anchored in these uncertain times?

It can be challenging to change our outer world, but there are many tools for elevating our INNER world.

What better time to re-connect to our inner compass? I want to show you how to begin this process – for FREE!!!

In these times, we may feel we are drowning in overwhelm, uncertainty, rumination and fear. Maybe we feel the heaviness of circumstances that burden our desire for more joy, connection, meaning and purpose.

I’d be honored to share a few tools that have led to my success and fulfillment in life and that allow me to shift my perspective from fear based thoughts to more loving thoughts. I will offer approaches to overcoming pesky internal blocks that keep resurfacing and steering us away from where we want to go.

I often hear from friends and clients that they want to jump start or REBOOT their spiritual connectivity.  

So….let’s connect more with ourselves, each other and the Divine (however you choose to define that).  

If you want to cultivate more sacredness and balance in your life. Then this FREE course could be for you.


For 4-weeks, starting Monday March 30th, we are going to have ONE live weekly VIRTUAL VIDEO CALL on Monday evenings.

Dates/topics will be as follows:

BODY – Monday March 30th

MIND – Monday April 6th

SPIRIT – Monday April 13th

HOME – Monday April 20th

Please enter your name and email to ENROLL in the FREE course. And if you happen to miss one, we will be sending out a replay to those that sign up! After signing up we will email you the instructions – but trust me – this will be fun, uplifting, and empowering.

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Tool #1: The Three 5’s