Get Unstuck &
Uplevel Your Life

6-week online program
to provide tools & strategies
to live the life you dream of

Professionals around the country are at the precipice of a new and exciting life-change. They’re tired of standing on shaky ground, just buying time before they fall into one of the holes around them. Holes of exhaustion, overwhelm, burnout, you name it. They are turning to the development of their spiritual, personal, and professional baseline to create a springboard onto the steady ground of their next level of fulfillment.

This 6-week group coaching program is a LIVE, immersive and interactive program to lead you through materials and exercises that will give you the insights and tools that have been effective in allowing my 1:1 coaching clients to “up-level their lives” – all at a way more accessible price point.

Each Tuesday for 6-weeks, we will have 90-minute group video calls to dive deep into building your own unique blueprint for living a life that feels aligned, alive and YOURS.

The course runs from September 22nd to October 26th @ 4PM PST with a one time fee of $395

Classes start THIS TUESDAY! Spots are limited–secure your spot today!

Week 1

Tapping into the clarity & calm that’s always there

Week 2

Difference between where your head wants to go vs. your heart, and why this is probably causing you some inner pain and frustration

Week 3

Creating a compass for easy, focused and confident decisions, on track with where you’re going

Week 4

Understanding your own personal road blocks & how to remove them before they arise

Week 5

Finding momentum & keeping it up should the resistance arise

Week 6

Setting yourself up for long term success & learning how to get back on track should you get derailed

“Josh’s energy is truly contagious. After each coaching session, I feel a renewed sense of clarity and enthusiasm. He has the gift of inspiring his clients to make powerful shifts in perspective so that they are able to see possibility in everything. He helped me connect intention with empowered action, so I was able to grow in ways I never imagined. Life is not about living on a plateau, it’s about continuing the climb. Josh offers a sacred space to cultivate, and reach boundlessly for your biggest boldest dreams.”


“Working with Josh was perfect timing in my life because I knew I had potential, and in our sessions Josh really helped me bring it out and I am now taking my ventures to the next level, don’t think I would’ve been able to do so otherwise.


The Program

What We’ll Cover:

  • How to find deeper clarity & focus each day (so you lose 2 hours scrolling on your phone everyday)
  • The easiest way to actually get from where you are to where you want to be – not just think about it
  • Simple ways to discern & make decisions with confidence
  • Where you’re likely to get tripped up and how to see it coming and persevere anyway
  • How to maintain momentum after the initial high of doing something new wears off
  • The psychology of new action & how to overcome your resistance to it
  • Setting yourself up for long term success & fulfillment (so you don’t find yourself back where you started)
  • The basics of troubleshooting when things start to feel off again & how to come back to center & find your flow


September 22nd to October 26th


Tuesday evenings at 4 pm PST / 7 pm EST (Sessions will be recorded and sent out if you have to miss one)

This is the life handbook you’ve always wanted but were never given.

What You’ll Get:

  • 6 LIVE group coaching call sessions, which will roughly follow the format below:
    • Meditation/Center In
    • What Can we Celebrate? Group sharing of wins!
    • Discussion of the topic for the week
    • Fun-work to do around topic of the week
    • Coaching Q & A
    • Receive journal prompts for the week
    • End with 5 minute guided meditation
  • Recordings of coaching calls
  • 1 pre-recorded guided meditation for grounding
  • A spiritual toolbox to draw from for years to come
  • Email support


  • A complete “Zen Your Home with Style” Guide
  • And the first 20 people to sign up get 1 free PRIVATE 60-minute session to be used within 6 months after the course

After the Program Ends,
You Will Have:

  • Clarity on who you are & what truly matters to you
  • A pin on where it is you’re trying to go – most likely different than you thought when you began
  • A clear and reliable compass to guide you through daily decisions and keep yourself on track
  • Understanding about where you tend to get tripped up and a set of tools to work you way through the things that constantly derail you
  • A very clear action plan for yourself that doesn’t feel overwhelming or like an extra project on your already full and maxed out plate
  • Momentum and the awareness of how to keep things going over the long term
  • Tools to get yourself back on track should you fall off the beam
  • An opportunity to engage with a community of like minded souls to support and cheer you on


One payment of $395

Working with Josh was absolutely empowering and valuable! Josh Smith is the one who saw my potential and sparked my transformation. I feel that I owe so much of my success to his unwavering support and unlimited view of abundance. Josh helped me identify the barriers and blocks that were keeping me from my full potential. He encouraged me to push past the doubt and fearlessly claim the life I craved. He illuminated my confidence and directed me to the path that I am walking today with my business, Soul Alchemy. Today, I am living a life that is fully aligned with my passions and authenticity.


When I first spoke with Josh, his energy and enthusiasm were palpable. I had interviewed several incredible Life Coaches, but after my consultation with Josh, a lingering feeling resolutely told me, “You HAVE to work with him.”  Josh will help you find your inner magic. He taught me how to find my bliss, conquer my limiting beliefs, ask the right questions, prioritize my time, and recognize patterns and beliefs that were holding me back.Most importantly, Josh taught me to trust the universe and believe in myself, and in doing so, unlock my true potential.


Who Am I?

Well, hello! I’m Joshua Smith, if we haven’t yet met. I like to describe myself as a Sacred Lifestylist and certified life coach. I teach tools & techniques to help you elevate the best of who you are by bringing love, light and beauty to your everyday experiences and the spaces where you dwell.

In my late teens, feelings of unworthiness fueled a detour into darkness that led me to homelessness by age 21. And then by age 33, I was a globally recognized creator of homes…go figure.

What miracle happened in those 12 years to create such a drastic turn of events? Sacred living. My deep dive into personal and spiritual development led to understanding in a meaningful way that my life was valuable, and so were the dreams I had for myself.  I finally understood that we are all programmed for greatness.

In following my passions, I became a globally sought after interior designer. Along the way, however, I realized that the first interiors that need designing aren’t our homes – they’re our minds.

Today, in my private coaching practice, I work with clients who are ready to uplevel their lives in some way, but have no idea how to get there. I’ve seen over and over how the foundation that we work through over the course of our sessions completely transforms their lives from the inside out.

This is the foundation that this program is built on.

Why Me?

Why should you trust me? Why should you invest in this program? How do you know it’s not just empty promises? And how do you know it’s going to work for you? I can’t convince you, but what I can do is share with you a few things that have happened over the course of implementing the methods we’ll cover over the next 6-weeks together:

After 10 sessions, one client got a new job. Old one didn’t want to pay him what he was asking for. We pitched an idea he had, and he got $60K he would have otherwise left on the table.

After 4 sessions, another client had everyone in their life commenting on how different they seemed (in a good way). We’d been working hard on refining what was going on inside, and everyone around him noticed that the outside had changed, too!

After 4 sessions, another client felt like they were lead out of the wilderness. They regained confidence that they’d lost somewhere along the way. They were standing taller, and felt like a heavy weight had been lifted off of who they were. They could finally own who they were and why they’re here – and then got to work on going after it!

After 6 weeks, another client said that the results in his life have been extraordinary.

When things aren’t working how you want them to, it’s a sign to update your inner operating system.

When you don’t like the images & stories being told on the screen of your life, it’s a time to get up and change the channel.

Your thoughts create your actions.
Your actions create your experience.
And your experience creates your destiny

Thoughts = Destiny.

It’s time to take the bull by the horns & commit to YOU. Invest in your own wellbeing. And finally get out of the rut you’re now keenly aware that you’ve been in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have to miss a session? Will the calls be recorded?

Yes! They will be recorded and available for you to view and watch as many times as you need throughout the duration of the course.

These meditations sound great, will I be able to download them and have them on my phone or something?

Yes, when you sign up you’ll get instant access to a pre-recorded meditation to download to your phone and find your zen all day, everyday, anywhere you are.

Where will the classes take place?

Classes will take place on Zoom – when you sign up, we’ll send a long detailed overview of how to set up your technology.

Are there any requirements for this course?

You’ll need a smart device – phone, tablet, or computer – with a wifi connection. Other than that, we’ll give you everything you need!

Do I need to have worked with Josh 1:1 to take this program?

No! Not at all! No previous experience with anything life coaching, meditation, etc is necessary.

I’m pretty far along on my spiritual path, but this seems interesting and I’d like to take it! Will this be good for me?

YES. Big hearted yes. This program is the basics, but what a better time to go back to basics than now. And these ideas and tools can go as shallow or as deep as you’d like them to.

What happens after I sign up?

You get a personal dance party from all of us here at Joshua Smith Inc! You can imagine us all dancing around in your space, cheering you on in this amazing leap you’ve made.

You’ll also get an email with immediate access to a few resources to get started before our first call on September 22nd. Including a guided meditation to do daily. You’ll also receive step by step information on how to get yourself set up for success over the duration of the course!

What if I enroll in the program and after a couple of weeks realize it’s not for me?

While we can’t guarantee specific results for you, and that very well may happen, we’ll work together to find a way to meet your needs in a way that feels aligned and right for you.

What is your refund policy?

At this time we do not offer refunds for live courses or digital products.

By enrolling in this course, you agree to our Standard Terms and Conditions.
Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee specific results. Individual results vary.